Emily Pompei Medical Intuitive Professional Healer ®

Harmony is found in the unity of Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit.

Emily Pompei


Emily Has a Rare Gift!

A session with Emily Pompei is the birthday gift I have given to myself for the past two years!

Emily has brought healing, insight, truth and peace to my life – which has ultimately translated to happiness! She delivers her incredible channeled messages thoroughly, thoughtfully and with loving-kindness and candor. I am a healthier, happier person because of Emily Pompei and I am so grateful that she is able to help me again in this lifetime. She has a rare gift!



My Daughter Said…

The woman with the white hair was so nice to me. She was so nice to me and my friend. She was the nicest person there to me.”

I said Yes, Emily is very special.

She asked “why?” I said “She knows a lot about Angels and guides and masters and God”… and then she yelled out “and Jesus!… she knows a lot about everything… about buildings, about trees, she knows everything about everything 💜

A mother who attended my lecture on "helping our children with their Intuitive gifts"

I Find Her Insights Fascinating…

Emily provides a holistic approach to healing and problem solving, from my perspective as a man, I find her insights fascinating, unique and most importantly effective. Emily continues to be wonderfully helpful.


Emily has changed my life!

She has changed my life.  I feel great, calm and strong again.  She is incredibly gifted, a true healer.  I have never met someone so genuine.  If you suffer from anxiety, pain or you feel something is not right and you need answers she will help you get back the real you!!!  I’m forever grateful.  Thank you, Emily!!


Emily Has Been a Cherished Gift in My Life

Emily has been a cherished gift in my life, as well as the lives of my entire family. She has helped us with health issues, dietary issues, emotional issues, and physical challenges. Through channel, she has given me much needed perspective on important relationships in my life. I’ve also learned about Angels and Guides and by whom I’m always surrounded. She has helped me deal with the effects of past lives and me to release in my body what no longer serves me. I’m learning to clear my own energy and to separate my energy from others’.

Emily is teaching me new things constantly about staying healthy and using my gifts. Her ability to work with your energy and see inside of the physical body is astonishing. I highly recommend her as a very gifted Medical Intuitive.

Gail P.

Emily is the Best…

Emily is an exceptional light worker. She uses kindness, compassion and the MOST ACCURATE channel I have ever experienced during a session with any energy healer. I have been interested in Alternative Health for most of my life and I have been to many health practitioners of varying modalities. Emily is the best.



Emily’s Accuracy is Incredible…

In one session she was able to evaluate and clear my writers block as well as tell me about my guides and Angels.


Emily is the Real Deal!

This past June I lost my very best friend (my dog Twinkie) after 12 years of companionship. Her end of life was very suddenly cut short.  Our vet told me she had a cough and just two days later I was in the animal  ER having to say goodbye to her. They found her cough was caused by a buildup of fluid in her chest cavity. So I chose to say goodbye instead of making her endure suffering for my sake. I know I made the right choice even though it didn’t seem that way and I had felt much guilt and absolute sadness over it. Last week I walked into a group healing session with only about 20 min left. Emily asked my name and a few minutes later said she had a message for me from an angel. That lungs were burning which meant that someone had passed because they couldn’t breathe and that it was a female. I immediately started crying because I know it was my sweet girl Twinkie paying me a visit. This was an extraordinary visit and I will be definitely back.”