Emily Pompei Medical Intuitive Professional Healer TM

Emily Pompei  has been a healer from a very young age. Trained initially as a massage therapist and personal trainer she has an extensive background in anatomy, physiology, biology and core energetic values.  She is certified in Source Point Therapy, Reiki, Orthobionomy, Craniosacral Therapy, Body Reactive Therapy, The Bars technique, White Light Healing, Mind Body Integration Technique as well a Pilates, Yoga and she has completed two marathons.  

Emily has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years.  She is able to channel Spirit to do her work.  She was told once by a mentor that she sees “everything, literally everything”   

In her practice as a Medical Intuitive she is able to discern through channel what works best in treating each client and their individual needs.   Her process of evaluation is an initial assessment where she is able to detect high and low vibrational patterns in the body as well as any and all internal and external imbalances.  Each internal organ holds a different vibrational pattern and color, as well as the ability to hold memory generationally from this life and past lives. When our bodies are restored within a higher vibration we can withstand sickness, disease and anything that may be preventing us from reaching our highest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Emilys clients learn tools to enable their own healing process and it is her ultimate goal to help the client to be in a place where they are open and accepting of their own Divine Energy as well as their own healing ability.

Emily is the President and Founder of Aquaduct Intuitive Healing Institute TM. The only Medical Intuitive who certifies Medical Intuitive Professional Healers TM, member of The American Holistic Health Association.