Aqueduct Intuitive Healing Institute™️ Medical Intuitive Professional Healer ®️Online training program

The Medical Intuitive Professional Healer TM training program is 12 week program.

Participants can do the course online. The program includes teaching skills required to ground and clear prior to a treatment. The techniques used to scan and clear clients. Anatomical energy. Spiritual profiling. Mirroring. Evaluation forms. Follow up treatments. Long distance healing. Marketing yourself. Channeling Spirit. The 1,2,3 release and replace techniques. Working with Guides, Angels, Masters and Elemental Spirits.

After completing the program each Medical Intuitive Professional Healer TM is certified through my institute: The Aqueduct Intuitive Healing Institute TM. The certification is backed by the approval of the board of the Worldwide Association of Intuitive Healers.

Tuition for the course is $2800 and can be paid in monthly installments if required. Credit card payments must be set up in advance.

A Medical Intuitive Professional Healer TM is the future of alternative healthcare. Effective thorough body scans and clearing through channeled energy.

Emily Pompei Founder Aqueduct Intuitive Healing IntuitiveTM

Certifying Master Medical Intuitive Professional Healers.


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