Emily is the Real Deal!

This past June I lost my very best friend (my dog Twinkie) after 12 years of companionship. Her end of life was very suddenly cut short.  Our vet told me she had a cough and just two days later I was in the animal  ER having to say goodbye to her. They found her cough was caused by a buildup of fluid in her chest cavity. So I chose to say goodbye instead of making her endure suffering for my sake. I know I made the right choice even though it didn’t seem that way and I had felt much guilt and absolute sadness over it. Last week I walked into a group healing session with only about 20 min left. Emily asked my name and a few minutes later said she had a message for me from an angel. That lungs were burning which meant that someone had passed because they couldn’t breathe and that it was a female. I immediately started crying because I know it was my sweet girl Twinkie paying me a visit. This was an extraordinary visit and I will be definitely back.”